• l'otage... un terroriste

    Ca, http://www.3dcenter.ru/tristram_izvinaetsa.avi c'est la video...
    watch out...nothing scary there ! ;)


    ...Toute l'histoire... ok c'est du russe ! mais voila une traduction en anglais...

    " ok here is what happened:
    this guy who is on the video has hacked number of sites including
    3dcenter.ru thru somekind of php protocol window... he deleted
    everything on the sites. In a matter of hours the site was back up and
    russians havetraced his ip and found him in moscow. Well...so they
    punished him, I dont know how, but he deserved it. I mean 3d people are
    the most harmless people outhere, why attack their site..and yes things
    in russia are done differently...dont worry he is alive and well.... " from morbid angel

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